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Rostov State Medical University – A Place To Be For Medical Education

A massive number of Indian students who dream of pursuing MBBS abroad are opting for Rostov Medical University, Russia due to several advantages that include direct admission, no donation, feasible accommodation, affordable fee structure, safety, and security. However, the most exciting trait is its top quality and standard in medical education. San doubt, more than 16 lacs students appear for the MBBS exam in India every year for just 40 thousand seats. It depicts the whole scenario of fierce competition in India for MBBS. This leads many capable students to look for an MBBS course in Russia. Rostov State Medical University is a great option for such aspirants who have high aspirations for MBBS. If you want to take admission in RostSMU, consult The RREC (Reliable Russian Education Consultants) team. We are the only official representative of RostSMU that can help you to sail through to the entire admission procedure. Visit our website now to fix the consultation.

About Rostov State Medical University

Rostov State Medical University is among one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. It is also known as RostSMU or RostGMU. It is established in 1930. This is a non-profit medical education institute that is located in Rostov-on-Don City, Russia and it is the largest Government Medical University in South Russian Federation. You can visit Rostov State Medical University website for more information related to University admission, fee, scholarship, faculties, etc.

Russia is a highly popular destination to study medicine due to several reasons and affordability is one of them. It is a frontline choice to pursue medical education for many aspirants in India and other countries due to its flexible and student-friendly admission policy. There are many medical universities in Russia that are NMC (National Medical Commission) recognized and government-affiliated as well. Consult RREC, the most reliable consultant who offers a complete service for MBBS admission in Russia and the only official representative of RostSMU.

Rostov State Medical University ticks most of the boxes when it comes to choosing a trustworthy medical university in Russia. A large number of international and Indian students enrolled in faculties like General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. RostSMU offers a degree that is recognized and approved by WHO, ECFMG, GMC, NMC, IMED, and other organizations worldwide. Students from more than 35 countries come here to pursue medical education such as in Africa, Europe, UAE, Asia, etc. Students may also be benefitted from the Rostov State Medical University scholarship program for preparatory faculty.


RostSMU is duly accredited by the Ministry of Health and Education of the Russian Federation. It is also approved and recognized by NMC (National Medical Commission) and WHO (World Health Organization). The Rostov State Medical University, offers a wide range of pre-bachelor degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees in medical education and other areas of study. It is one of the esteemed choices for MBBS in Russia.

Other programmatic accreditations include:

  • Canadian Medical Council
  • Ministry of Public Health and Social Medicine, Russian Federation
  • German Science and Humanities Council
  • Pakistan Medical and Dental Council
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • Bangladesh, Nepal, Ghana, Nigeria, Swaziland Medical & Dental Councils
  • Arab countries Medical Councils: Lebanon, Palestine, UAE, Egypt, and many more

Rostov State Medical University Ranking

Rostov State Medical University’s ranking has significantly improved recently. It only signifies the consistency and productivity of the University. The current Rostov State Medical University country ranking and world ranking is given below:

Country ranking – 248
World ranking – 5344

As per Medical Universities in Russia and Embassy RostSMU listed in the Top 20 Medical Universities of Russian Federation.

Courses and faculties

Students enrolling for MBBS (General Medicine Course) English Medium faculty duration is 6 years only. Foreign students enrolling for Russian Medium in RostSMU will have to go through the preparatory course in physics, chemistry, and biology in their first year. Once this course is over, students will be enrolled in various faculties such as medicine, pediatrics, pharmacy, dentistry, and so on.

RostSMU has 6 faculties

(General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, preparatory course, Post Graduate and Continuous Education) and 91 departments, a Military Training Center, a Clinic, and Medical College. Moreover, there is a Central Scientific Research Laboratory that carries out studies and research on microbiology, genetics, etc. Graduates of the Rostov State Medical University have all the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualifications that enable them to succeed in their future careers. They are in demand in the labor market.


RostSMU is among one of the reputed and oldest universities in Russia. It has produced a bulk of alumni that are working worldwide in reputed organizations, hospitals, and institutions. What makes the university special and indispensable is its core values and state-of-the-art infrastructure that is essential to bring forth the best from the students during their MBBS Program. This is the reason why it is considered one of the highly-rated universities to pursue medical education.

RostSMU or RostGMU is the largest medical research, training, and treatment center in southern Russia. No wonder it consistently involves cooperation and joint researches with many scientific institutions in Russia and also on the global front. Rostov State Medical University, Rostov, is also well equipped with advanced and high-tech academic buildings, lecture halls, comprehensive laboratories, latest diagnostic and medical equipment.

Accommodation and hostel facility

Accommodation or hostel facility is offered at RostSMU for foreign students. Owing to a government institution you can expect an affordable hostel facility. The accommodation is based on a sharing basis where students are supposed to accommodate 3 students in a large room. However, students will be provided a separate bed, wardrobe, study table. Some of the highlights of Rostov State Medical University hostel are as follows:

  • Vast rooms with 3 beds sharing facility.
  • All essentials and necessities such as a bedsheet, pillow, blanket, chair, study table, etc. are duly provided to the students.
  • A proper canteen facility is available for students.
  • Those students who love to cook themselves are provided a common kitchen where they can cook their own food.
  • Indian restaurants and messes are densely available in the vicinity.
  • Students may also avail the facility like a recreation room, laundry room, gym nearby, library, etc.

Why choose Rostov State Medical University

There is more than enough reason to rely on Rostov State Medical University for doing an MBBS in Russia. It is a globally renowned medical institute and it is the hub for international students including a large number from India. Some of the prominent reasons are listed below:

No donation

Pursuing the MBBS program from a reputed foreign university may not be everybody’s cup of tea, especially when a donation is one of the factors to deal with.  As far as RostSMU is concerned, you need not pay any donation. The admission process in RostSMU is purely based on merit. Hence, you need not pay any kind of donation for taking admission to the MBBS course. It makes getting medical education quite feasible for many striving aspirants.

Quality education at a low cost

One of the substantial benefits of taking admission in RostSMU is that there are already a healthy number of Indian graduates who have already completed Medicine from this university and working in various top-notch private and public sector health organizations across the globe. Despite a remarkable teaching standard and unparalleled education state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Rostov State Medical University fees are considerably affordable for Indian students as it is a non-profit and government-affiliated university.

Direct admission

Cracking the medical entrance exam in India is reckoned as the next big thing to achieve, isn’t it? Every year a high number of candidates appear in Medical Entrance Exam in India, however, only a limited number of students can go through a due limited number of seats. RostSMU will be a wiser as well as a greater option for those who are looking to overleap the hurdle of tiresome entrance exams and follow their dream of achieving a globally renowned medical degree. RostSMU has a selective admission policy based on higher secondary percentages or grades and entrance exams of two subjects: Biology & Chemistry.

Listed in top 20 universities in Russia

No wonder, as an aspirant of MBBS from abroad, you would like to get into a top-notch medical university in Russia. RostSMU is listed in the top twenty medical universities in Russia. Hence, you can expect to achieve most of your education goals in a higher way. Rostov State Medical University’s ranking always helps aspirants to know about its quality of medical education and impeccable infrastructure. Currently, Rostov State Medical University’s country ranking is 248, which is quite healthy from all perspectives.

Eminent teachers and professors

Rostov State Medical University consists of more than 100 departments. It includes above 600 faculties and experts facilitating their services with sheer dedication, contributing to its innovation and interactive forms of learning. The team of highly experienced teaching staff includes subject-expert professors, medical practitioners, and scientists, another reason why Rostov State Medical University, Russia is regarded extremely higher on students and parents’ choice for MBBS course.

Sophisticated technology

If you want to compete with the best in this world you can hardly afford to ignore the use of the latest technology and advanced teaching methodology, are you? RostSMU is well-equipped with the most refined and revised infrastructure necessary to render top medical education. It also pioneers in using the latest technology to leverage your effort and maximize optimum productivity.

Subsidized medical education

Students can pursue medical education at a subsidized cost. The government provides a subsidy that helps both aspirants to avail high- quality education at a lower cost. This further reduces a load of expense during the whole course of MBBS. Thus, pursuing medicine from Rostov State Medical University is highly beneficial for Indian students. RostSMU is a non-profit institution hence cost of education is always going to be comparatively cheaper than others.

Rostov State Medical University admission eligibility & documents:

In order to avoid the cancellation of your application for admission, you should be well informed of the eligibility as well as the whole Rostov State Medical University admission procedure.

Eligibility for admission

  • The age of the applicants must be 17 years on or before 31st Dec of the year of admission to MBBS in RostSMU.
  • The applicant must have passed the higher secondary school.
  • The subjects in 12th must comprise Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English
  • The percentage must be 60% per subject in ECB.
  • NEET is mandatory for Indian students.
  • IELTS and TOEFL are not required.

Document required for admission in RostSMU 2023/24

  • A passport with at least 2 years of validity.
  • Certificate and mark sheet of 10th class. (Higher school)
  • Certificate and mark sheet of 12th class. (Secondary school)
  • The NEET Scorecard. (with Qualified marks)
  • Fees Guarantee letter for 6 years. from parents.
  • Notarized birth certificate if the student is not 18 years old.
  • 20 passport size photo – 4.5 x 3.5 cm with 80% face at the matte paper.
  • Documents apostille from the Ministry of HRD & External Affairs, India.
  • Medical fitness certificate.
  • Report of HIV test (Negative).
  • Documents should be translated & legalized by the Russian Embassy.

Know admission process step by step

The most essential factor you should remember regarding RostSMU admission in 2023 is the deadline. If you apply for admission within the deadline, there will be no problem at all in accomplishing the admission process online. Here are the steps to follow for admission.

Step 1: Fill the online application form correctly. You can visit the online portal of the university for this. You can visit the authorized and official representative of the RostSMU – RREC team as well where you will be duly guided regarding a complete online form application.

Step 2: Submit all relevant documents related to the admission online. The team of RREC will help students in submitting all relevant documents online.

Step 3: The applicant will receive a provisional admission letter in 2-3 working days if selected, the invitation letter within 5-7 working days for Indian students, and for others 28-30 working days.

Step 4: Once you receive the invitation letter from the Rostov State Medical University. RREC Team will help you with documentation, visa, and ticket. After getting a visa you are now ready to fly to study MBBS in RostSMU. Note please: The student must pay full fees for the first year before 5 days to departure.

Step 5:  On arrival to university, the student has to pass the entrance exam of biology & chemistry successfully.

Rostov State Medical University admission cost & duration

Duration for the MBBS course in RostSMU is 6 years to complete MBBS for those who have chosen English as their medium of study.

Undoubtedly, Rostov State Medical University’s fee structure is quite reasonable and affordable for Indian students as compared to several western universities. Though the Rostov State Medical University fee structure remains the same for six years, however, it may rarely change 3-4% every year.

Fees for Medicine (MBBS)

Fees Pattern (Per Year) 1st year 2nd year to 6th year Grand Total
Tuition 6500 USD 4280 USD 27,900 USD
Hostel Included Included
Medical Insurance Included Included
Registration / Visa Extension in Russia Included Included
Food Excluded Excluded
*Indian food (Veg / Non-Veg) is available inside the campus. (Food prepared by Professional Indian cooks).


* The tuition fee can increase from the second to the sixth year (6-10%).

* 1 USD = 75 Russian Ruble applied for this fee structure.

* The amount payable in INR may vary depending on the forex rate.

Opportunity after completing MBBS/Medicine from RostSMU

After completing MBBS from RostSMU you can opt for a variety of career options both in Russia as well as other parts of the world. Some of the best career options for you listed below:

  • Students can prefer to continue practicing MBBS in Russia.
  • You may come back to India and practice MBBS after passing a relevant exam (FMCE or NMC screening test).
  • Students can prepare for USMLE (USA) test.
  • He/She can choose to practice in the USA after clearing USMLE.
  • He/She can apply for a Postgraduate course from Germany or the USA.
  • You can prepare for PLAB.
  • RostSMU MBBS degree is recognized worldwide. Hence you have an opportunity to pursue study work in several prominent parts of the world.

RostSMU reviews

Needless to mention that honest and fair Rostov State Medical University reviews always come in handy when it comes to take the right decision and knowing about the firsthand experience of those who have already been to RostSMU. Several students who are pursuing or have completed their medical studies from the university provide their insight in the form of reviews, some of them are mentioned below:

I am a 5th year medical student at RostSMU. Professors and teachers are quite experienced having in-depth knowledge and expertise in their domain. It is so far so good experience for me. I have been exposed to a standout teaching methodology. Eventually, I realized that I had made the right decision by choosing RostSMU for MBBS.

 –  Abdus Samad, Uttrakhand

RostSMU University is truly offered a state-of-the-art training and teaching facility. Teachers are very responsive and helpful. The teaching standard is also incredible. The university environment is peaceful and I hardly find anything that should be pointed out as drawbacks.

–  Manjesh Kumar, Bihar

I am a 4th year student, for me, the most important thing is the quality of education and eminent faculty because this is what matters eventually. Here the teaching pattern is quite involving and the progress of the students is checked regularly. It will make you competitive and prepared you for big things and challenge to come. Really impressed so far.

–   Soumyajit Chakroborty, Kolkatta

Student, who wants to study Medicine in Russia

what questions can arise before traveling to Russia: (FAQ for Study Medicine in Russia)

How to make a passport?

A student has to visit their state/cities’ passport office or passport authorities’ website. And arrange documents as per requirements to process the passport application, if need any assistance students can consult with RREC Team at [email protected]

How to select a good university and how to take admission in Russian universities?

For selective & most demandable universities students can visit our website or contact us for free guidance, as we are working with Russian Universities for 15 years and have great experience guiding International students. Reliable Russian Educational Consultants is the name for a one-stop solution for Russian Medical, Technical & Federal Universities. From the RREC team, you can take direct admission without any subagents, because we are the direct admission partners of Top Russian Universities.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to get admission for pursuing MBBS in Russia?

As per NMC, the minimum qualification for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia is 50% in PCB in the 12th standard (General). In the case of SC/ST & others 40%. the minimum age should be 17 years. But some universities require ECB; 60-65% or above, and Some require 60 in CB only. So it mainly depends on the selective university by the student.

Do I have to clear the NEET exam before entering Russian Universities?

Yes, the NEET exam is mandatory for all Indian students who want to join Medical studies abroad or in  India as well. For other countries’ students, there is no such exam mandatory.

Is their entrance exam to get admission in Russian universities?

Yes, some universities required entrance exams for admission. and some universities No. All admissions are strictly on a first come first serve basis.

What is the medium of teaching?

The medium of instruction is in English & Russian.

When does the academic year start in Russian Universities?

The academic year starts on 1st September.

Whats is the duration of courses in Russia?

Medical (MBBS): 6 years, BDS-5 years, Pharmacy-5 years, Preparatory courses: 8-10 months, students can ask their questions at [email protected]

Can a student come back to their native countries during the holidays?

Yes, students get vacations in the month of July & August every year, that time they can visit their native countries.

Can a student earn while studying?

No, a student cannot do a job while studying, because he/she has a student visa.

Where the student will live during their studies in Russia?

Students will live in government hostels provided by the University only.

What will be the average monthly expenses?

Nearly 80-100$ is enough for one student except for Moscow. Mainly it depends on the student’s lifestyle.

Is Rostov State Medical University good for MBBS?

Rostov State Medical University is one of the top-ranked universities in Russia.

RostSMU Students Feedback

How to Get Direct Admission?

RostSMU Hostels

Final year student

Few words for RostSMU

Hostels Reviews

How to distinguish fake agents

Undoubtedly, over the years, many unauthorized or unofficial agents have surged who try to take maximum advantage of the reputation and popularity of Rostov State Medical University. During the consultation for MBBS in Russia, you may confront several agents who claim to be an official representative of RostSMU however they are just creating false assumptions to trap you in.

Under such circumstances, both students and parents must be aware of the fact that such agents may try to distract you with attractive schemes or several other misleading and unauthorized information regarding Rostov State Medical University admission. Here you need to be wise and clever. You should consult the appointed and official representative of RostSMU that is RREC Team

Some points to remember to avoid any misleading event:

  • The agent may ask for the whole 6-year amount or fees. You should not do this.
  • The Rostov State Medical fee structure of the English medium MBBS program and the Russian medium MBBS program may vary considerably. However, often some agents offer you a fee structure that is a Russian-based course that is comparatively cheaper than the English medium. Stay away from such misleading information often used by them to take you in.
  • They may ask you to pay them the amount. Well, the fact is that you are supposed to pay the fees as per the university and official representative.

By and large, as a student or parent, you need to be smart enough to avoid getting trapped in any of the baffling assurance, entertaining Rostov State Medical University fee structure or floating schemes used by such agents. Most of the information regarding RostSMU or RostGMU is available at the Rostov State Medical University official website. Hence you should make a decision wisely based on genuine and valid information provided by the agent and do not settle for anything until you are completely convinced and satisfied by their identity as an official representative of RostSMU.

RREC is the official and authorized representative of RostSMU. Parents and students are heartily welcome and invited for consultation and doubt clearance regarding admission in RostSMU which is entirely free of cost.

Note: Beware of unauthorized agents/consultants. For more information, you can consult directly to our official representative at +7960-443-0042, +91-70422-84508

Clearing NEXT exam or screening test

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) was an indispensable exam that needed to be cracked if you want to pursue your career or practice medicine in India after taking Rostov State Medical University admission and completed MBBS from RostSMU or any other Russian University. However, FMGE is abolished now by the regulatory. Now students in the final year will prepare for NEXT (National Exit Test) instead, a single-window examination, and that will replace the NEET-PG exam & FMGE. It is going to be implemented by 2023. It means current students who are going to take admission for MBBS in RostSMU or abroad will have to take the NEXT exam. This test is essential and mandatory to pass in order to get the provisional or permanent registration licensing from the National Medical Commission of India. You will also be considered to be eligible for a one-year internship in India after clearing this exam.

Important information regarding NEXT (National Exit Test) screening

  • Just appearing in the NEXT exam does not mean you are qualified to get provisional or permanent registration from NMC in India, you need to pass it as well.
  • You should always provide correct or legitimate information while filling the form. Any wrong or misleading information will not only cancel your appearance but also be barred from appearing in any exam conducted by NBE in the future.
  • You must be well-informed and aware of the eligible criteria, scheme, and pattern of the examination before filling the application form.
  • To appear in the NEXT exam, the candidate must complete their primary medical qualification (MBBS) from NMC approved university in Russia.

Overall environment, safety, and security

RostSMU offers a soothing campus environment. Apart from the academic exposure, students get an opportunity to mix and learn from other students that belong to different parts of the globe. Usually, the RostSMU campus encourages and promotes cultural and extracurricular activities to get the best out of them. In this way, students get a variety of exposure for both academic and non-academic activities.

Safety and security is another major issue that may grow serious concern for parents and students. The inside environment of the RostSMU is peaceful. Moreover, the city of Rostov-on-Don also has an impressive record on safety and security measures, particularly for foreign students. The people, police, and administration are quite cooperative and friendly. They deal with foreigners with polite and tender behavior. However, there are some notable and extra safety tips you may follow to avoid any inconvenient event include:

  • Always carry some sort of identification or essential documents like passport, identity card, registration paper, etc. with you.
  • Always be aware and alert of your surroundings.
  • Avoid traveling late at night until it is essential.
  • Always keep an emergency contact or helpline number with you to refer in need.
  • Avoid talking to or mingle with strangers.
  • The policemen may ask you often for identification as foreigners in the city are easily spotted due to their vivid appearance. Take it easy it is normal and natural.
  • Stay away from any bad habits or addictions.
  • Avoid late-night parties and clubbing.
  • Focus on your aim and goal.

Advantages students destined for while choosing RostSMU for MBBS

Some prominent advantages at Rostov State Medical University, Rostov comprise:
  • Equipped with on-campus Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL).
  • Comprehensive scientific-investigation activities.
  • Own Military Training Center.
  • Having Medical University Clinic with 860 beds.
  • 17 clinical departments and 20 specialized departments in the clinic.
  • Five dedicated buildings, including hostel, gym, library, etc.
  • Rostov State Medical University hostel facilities are quite affordable.
  • Four council candidates and doctoral dissertations.
  • Member of the North Caucasus Research Center High School.
  • Rostov State Medical University reviews are highly satisfying so far.

In brief, RostSMU will be the right choice and wise option for medical education in Russia. RREC the official representative of RostSMU will always be there to provide all assistance and consultation for admission in RostSMU. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation, visit

Rostov City at a Glance:

Rostov-on-Don is the largest city in the south of Russia, the capital of the Rostov region, and the Southern Federal District. It is a major administrative, cultural, scientific, educational, and industrial center and a major transport hub of southern Russia. to the southeast of the East European Plain, on the Don River, it lies 32 kilometers from the Sea of Azov. The southwestern suburbs of the city about the Don River delta. Informally, Rostov-on-Don is called “the Gate to the Caucasus” and the southern capital of Russia. The climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in January is minus 3 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 23.4 degrees Celsius.  The Rostov Regional Museum of Local History has collections on Cossack lore and war history. Nearby, Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts displays Russian art from the 16th–20th centuries. The Rostov Academic Drama Theater of Maxim Gorky, built in the shape of a tractor, presents classic and contemporary plays. Outside, Theater Square has fountains and a Ferris wheel.

Sports: Rostov-on-Don is one of the host cities for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. FC Rostov & SKA Rostov-on-Don (football), Rostov-Don (Basketball and Handball), HC Rostov (Ice Hockey), Rostov Arena (Football).

Rostov-on-Don (the Capital city of South Russia) is 1198 km (745 miles) from Moscow. By Car 12 hours, 30 minutes. By Flight 1 hour, 40 minutes. , By Bus and Train 15 hrs, 30 minutes. Rostov-on-Don having International Airport ‘’Platov International Airport’’ having direct flights from all over the world. And same from Moscow 8-12 flights daily.

Welcome to RostSMU, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Beautiful, Capital & Administrative city of South Russia | Join the Top Medical University of Russia

Admission open for 2023 – Rostov State Medical University Call 1800-572-5827

Choose to study MBBS at RSMU today and grow into the best professional doctor you have been dreaming to become.


Hello everyone, Greetings from Reliable Russian Educational Consultants one and only authorized official representative of RSMU for Indian & foreign students.

Here are the ten interesting facts about why to study Medicine (MBBS) at Rostov State Medical University, Russia

Rostov State Medical University is one of the best institutions for higher learning in the field of Medicine in Russia. The globally recognized institution was established in the year 1930, a non-profit-based public university. The highly accredited medical institution is based in Rostov-On-Don city and offers all pre-bachelor degrees that include: diplomas and degrees. The modern one-of-a-kind medical institution also offers master’s degrees as well as a doctorate in medicine. This only goes to show the levels of professionalism one can attain while studying MBBS at the RSMU. RostSMU has a strict admission policy that allows for quality and professionalism whilst admitting new students into the institution. In order to study MBBS, one must take an entrance exam and also provide information on the previous academic record as well as grades.

Choosing to study MBBS at RSMU is one of the best decisions one can make for the following reasons:

  • Rostov State Medical University is recognized globally as one of the best institutions of higher learning in Russia, provides an amicable learning environment as well as high-quality training to ensure that the student comes out of their course equipped, knowledgeable, and ready to tackle the challenges awaiting in the medical world and ensure that they are successful in the end.
  • RSMU is choosing the highest possible training one can achieve in his/her medical career. This is owing to the fact that the university received the highest fourth state accreditation.
  • Unlike most medical institutions, the University offers different professional levels of medicine from a Bachelors’s degree all the way to a doctorate. This allows the students to be at their best regardless of whatever professional level of medicine they are in.
  • Despite the highly accredited institution, which is based in Russia, the university recognizes its ability to offer high-quality education and training and thus offers a place for international students from over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, UAE, and Europe.
  • The university has an internationally recognized medical diploma program. The medical diplomas offered are acknowledged by global institutions.
  • Opting to study MBBS at the said university is choosing a modern environment that allows one to learn the craft in peace and with the provision of modern facilities at one’s disposal. Some of these modern facilities include academic buildings, clinics, libraries, hostels for students, a gym, and several student canteens.
  • The Rostov State Medical University has joint research programs with other recognized scientific institutions in order to achieve the most accurate of a result.
  • The biggest scientific, and educational institution in the whole of Russia that allows for the training, certification, and professional development of medical as well as pharmaceutical workers.
  • The RSMU allows for postgraduate studying on 55 specialties at internship and mastership.
  • Last but not least, the RSMU runs its courses in both English and Russian medium which takes into consideration the Russian natives as well as international students.

For Admissions Call RREC Team Official Representative of RostSMU, Russia 1800-572-5827

Rostov State Medical University – Common Questions and Answers

1. Why should I choose Rostov State Medical University for MBBS in Russia?

Rostov State Medical University is NMC recognize and among the top medical university in Russia.

2. Do students have to go through any entrance exam to get admission to Rostov State Medical University?

Yes, there is an entrance exam required for two subjects i.e Biology & Chemistry. Students can take admission through our official representative only to Rostov State Medical University.

3. What will be the advantage of applying for MBBS in RostSMU through RREC?

We are the official representative for RostSMU, take minimum charges, and provide 100% satisfaction with complete handholding throughout the procedure.

4. What is the value of medical degrees obtained from Rostov State Medical University?

Medical degrees obtained from RostSMU have worldwide acceptance and recognition which means you can pursue your future worldwide.

5. Why doing MBBS from Rostov State Medical University is affordable?

The Russian government and universities provide affordable fees for International students.

6. What is the credibility of RREC?

RREC is the official representative and nominated admission partner for Indian & Foreign Students trusted by thousands of parents and students.

7. How much cost (fees) incur on the entireMBBS course at Rostov State Medical University?

The entire 6-year MBBS course will cost you approx. 20-21 lacs. (the cost may vary due to Dollar fluctuation)

8. Is there any donation to get admission to Rostov State Medical University?

No, there are no capitation fees and donations to get admission to Rostov State Medical University

9. Can I practice in India directly after getting an MBBS degree from Rostov State Medical University?

Russian medical degree is totally valid in India but students must pass the NEXT/FMGE screening test to practice in India.

10. What should be the minimum age to apply for admission to Rostov State Medical University?

The candidate must be of 17 years by 31st December of the year he/she is looking admission for.

11. How much academic qualification eligibility?

Students must secure minimum 60% marks in 12th standard English, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects.

12. Is NEET qualified mandatory to get admission to Rostov State Medical University?

Yes, the candidate must qualify NEET if he/she is seeking admission in medical courses in RostSMU.

13. What are the essential documents for admission to MBBS in Russia?

10th& 12th mark sheet, a valid passport, NEET qualifying certificate, birth certificate are some of the essential documents required.

14. What is starting procedure to get admission to Rostov State Medical University?

The process of admission begins by filling the online application form. The entire admission process is online or through our Official representative.

15. How can apply online if I do not know the procedure?

No problem, RREC the admission partner will do everything on your behalf. You just provide us with relevant documents.

16. Are there limited seats for foreign applicants?

There is a limited number of seats in RostSMU for foreign students. Admission is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

17. What medium of instruction for medical courses in RostSMU?

The medium of instruction is English and Russian. You can choose the English medium being an Indian.

18. Should I know Russian even I opt for English medium?

Russian is taught to all foreign students even if they opt for English so that they can able to communicate with patients and locals later on.

19. Do I need to show IELTS, TOEFL, etc. grades to get admission to Rostov State Medical University?

No, language test like IELTS or TOEFL is not an essential requisition for admission to RostSMU

20. Can I get an education loan to study if I choose to pursue MBBS in RostSMU?

Yes, education loan is readily provided to such students by public and private sector banks given they meet the eligibility criteria.

21. Does RREC help in getting a visa?

Yes, we provide complete and hassle-free visa assistant to get a student visa on time.

22. What are the relevant documents needed for a student visa?

Following documents are needed – university admission and invitation letter, passport, passport size photos, visa application form, HIV negative certificate, etc.

23. Is the cost of MBBS in Rostov State Medical University is low as compared to India?

Yes, unlike in India there is no hefty donation or capitation fee and the government provides subsidies on education.

24. Why Should I apply through RREC?

RREC is the only genuine official representative and admission partner in India operating for more than 15 years.

25. Will I get complete guidance and counseling for MBBS in Russia?

Yes, our admission partner (official representative) will give you step-by-step guidance accompanied by accurate and complete information to get admission to RostSMU.

26. Are students exposed to a large group in the classroom?

No, the ratio of student teachers in the classroom will be very high. It will be near about 1:15.

27. What type of environment is there classroom?

Teachers and profession make sure students get a friendly yet learning environment so that they can focus on their goals.

28. How is the campus environment at Rostov State Medical University?

You will be exposed to learning culture and find great opportunities to mix and exchange minds with international students

29. Are students encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities at the university?

Yes, Students are always encouraged to participate in several leisure, sport, debate, cultural programs, etc. for overall development.

30. When does the academic session start at Rostov State Medical University?

The academic session begins on the 1st of November in the first year and from the 2nd to the 6th year from September 1statRostov State Medical University.

31. What is the course duration for MBBS in RostSMU?

6 years for English medium students and it is 7 years Russian medium.

32. Does the invitation letter mean I am selected for the MBBS program at Rostov university?

Yes, the university sends invitation letters only to those who are selected for admission.

33. Whom can students contact in case of any problem or query at the university?

Students can the representative of RREC present in almost all top medical universities.

34. What about holidays or vacations in universities?

Students get two vacations every year – summer vacation and winter vacation.

35. Can students come back home during the vacations?

Yes, students can come back to their homes during holidays.

36. What will be the average monthly expense for Indian students?

Apart from MBBS fees, the monthly average expense would be approx. USD 80-120 and may differ according to individual lifestyle.

37. Can a foreign student open a bank account in a Russian bank?

Yes, foreign students can open a bank account by presenting relevant documents. Our representative will help them.

38. How can my parents send money when I am doing MBBS at RostSMU?

Parents/guardians can send money to their bank account. Students can also carry an international debit card, forex card, etc. with them.

39. What about a hostel facility for Indian students?

The hostel facility is duly available on a sharing basis for students at RostSMU furnished all essential amenities.

40. How about food arrangement at the hostel?

Varieties of foods are available at hostel mess. For Indian students, Indian mess is available. In Hostel, students are provided a common kitchen to make their own food also.

41. Is Indian mess available in Russia?

Yes, Indian mess is available.

42. What are the safety and security provisions at campus and hostels for students?

Hostels and the campus of Rostov State Medical University are safe for students. Several safety and security measures are followed sternly.

43. What are the facilities provided to students in hostels?

Students are provided a bed, cupboard, study table, 24 hours hot & cold water, electricity, laundry, kitchen, etc.

44. What are the provisions in Rostov State Medical University in winter?

The university is equipped with a central heating system. Moreover, hot and cold water is also available 24 hours.

45. Are Russian medical universities recognized and accredited by NMC, WHO, etc.?

Yes, Rostov State Medical University is duly recognized by NMC, WHO, and other reputed organizations.

46. Do I need to clear NEXT if want to pursue continuous education or practice in the same destination country after MBBS?

No, it requires only if you want to pursue continuous education or practice in India.

46. What if I could not pass in FMGE/NEXT screening test?

You can attempt as many times as you want. FMGE/NEXT exam is conducted twice a year.

47. Do students have to go through any Visa interview process?

No, students do not have to go through such interviews to get a visa.

48. How qualified and experienced are the faculties in the universities?

The quality and of teachers and professors are exceptional. They have doctorate degrees and are immensely experienced in teaching internationally.

49. What about medical infrastructure and practical training facilities in RostSMU?

RostSMU offers an accomplished infrastructure with modern laboratories and research centers including updated tools and technology.

50. Is the tuition fee refundable if in any circumstances I have a change of mind to MBBS from RostSMU?

No, the tuition fee is non-refundable even if you do not want to pursue MBBS anymore.

51. How can I get the university invitation letter?

After filling the application form, the university reviews it and sends you the invitation letter if selected.

52. How long is the invitation letter from the university valid for?

It is usually valid for up to 3 months. The validity is duly mentioned on the invitation letter.

53. Can I find the contact number of the official representative or Rostov State Medical University?

Go to the RostSMU official website. The name and contact number of their official representative are mentioned there. (Reliable Russian Educational Consultants).

54. Does the cost of admission or fee at Rostov State Medical University fluctuate every year?

Yes, the cost is subject to change for two reasons – when the university hikes fees and changes in the value of the currency. (6-8% tuition fee can be increased).

55. How many Indian students take admission to Rostov State Medical University?

A large number of students from India take admission to the MBBS course at Rostov State Medical University in Russia.

56. Can students’ parents or relatives visit them at the university?

Yes, parents and relatives can visit and meet students during their vacation on a tourist visa.

57. What is the admission procedure to take admission to Rostov State Medical University?

The entire admission procedure is online and transparent. RREC will assist you through the whole admission procedure.

58. What are the medical courses available at RostSMU?

Several medical courses are available such as general medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, pharmacy, medico-prophylactics, and armed force medicine.

59. How student can travel to Russia after their selection in Rostov State Medical University?

There is a direct flight from New Delhi to Moscow or to Platov International Airport Rostov-on-Don and RREC will help to arrange that.

60. How much discipline and security prevail on the campus?

The entire university has a strictly controlled system that keeps watching students ensure their safety and security.

61. What type of climate is in Rostov-on-Don prevails?

The climate in Rostov-on-Don is continental. Summer is not too hot, but in winter the temperature does dip below zero degrees.

62. How Indian students can adapt to harsh winter?

The university building, hostels, even public transport, and shops are equipped with centrally heated systems.

63. Is the hostel remains open during vacations?

Yes, the hostel buildings remain open during the holidays. Students can stay there.

64. What are my options for PG or MD or MS after doing MBBS in Russia?

You can pursue continuous education in Russia, India, the USA, Germany, etc. after doing an MBBS from Rostov State Medical University.

65. Would it be challenging for an Indian student to mix in the campus environment?

Only in the initial days, however soon students will easily mix with the exposure and environment and make new friends.

66. Where should I pay university tuition fees if selected for Rostov State Medical University?

The tuition fees can be directly submitted to the RostSMU account and get a receipt.

64. Do I need to pay 6-year altogether?

No, Rostov State Medical University does ask to pay fees altogether. It is submitted yearly basis.

65. What do fake agents do to mislead students and parents?

They project luring schemes, ask for 6 years’ fees altogether, hide charges, put up wrong and vague information, etc.

66. What are signs of an authentic and official representative?

Provide you accurate information, their contact number would be mentioned on university’s website, levy no hidden charges, etc.

67. Will I be eligible for a government in India after having an MBBS degree from RostSMU?

Yes, Students can apply for government jobs after clearing the NEXT/FMGE screening test in India.

68. What if I could clear in NEXT/FMGE in the first attempt?

NEXT/FMGE examination is held twice annually and students can sit several times to clear this exam.

69. Where can I get the migration card?

Migration card declares that you have crossed the border of the Russian federation available at the immigration counter at the airport.

70. Who will be there to receive students at the airport in Russia?

Our nominated representative will pick you from the airport till RostSMU and thereon guide you through the admission procedure and throughout your studies and stay in Russia.

71. After reaching the university who will guide me to the rest of the procedure?

Our official representative will be there who will guide you through document submission, accommodation, and more.

72. How about the medical facility for students at the university?

Regular health checkups and medical treatment are provided free of cost to students at the university hospital.

73. Does RostSMU there any option to pay fees in installment?

Yes, Rostov State Medical University gives students the facility to pay fees semester-wise.

74. Why RREC is a safe and best option to apply for MBBS to Rostov University?

Because we are a genuine admission partner plus offer hassle-free admission in RostSMU with complete assistance till the completion of the course.

75. Will students face problems in communicating with patients in the hospital during practical training?

Russian is taught in the initial years to all foreign students (1-3 years). It solves communication hurdles with patients during practical training.

76. Is there any change in rules and regulations due to Covid-19?

Yes, Students are advised to get vaccinated before traveling to Russia. Read the whole traveling advisory on the university website or government websites of India & Russia.

77. What change in approach for students is recommended for MBBS in Russia after Covid-19?

Adhere to Social distancing, vaccination, and mask will be the new norm as long as Covid-19 doesn’t go away.

78. Does a vaccine certificate is essential to fly to Russia?

Yes, As long as the Covid-19 issue prevails, it will be an essential part of your journey to Russian University.

79. How can students be ensured of the quality MBBS education and training at Rostov State Medical University?

Rostov State Medical Universities follow world-class and updated curriculum accompanied by advanced and sophisticated infrastructure.

80. Is internship included in 6 MBBS courses in RostSMU?

Yes. And 12 months Internship student has to do in his/her country only after clearing the exam.

81. Do we need to pay for books, library charges, and exam fees?

No, it is included in the tuition fees. You need not pay for that.

82. Do we need to pay for the air ticket or it is included in the admission amount?

The cost of an air ticket, admission partner charges, etc. are not included in the processing fee. Students have to bear them.

83. What is the currency used in Russia?

The Ruble is the official currency used in Russia for local transactions and payments.

84. How is the passing result of Rostov State Medical University in NEXT/FMGE?

Students at Rostov State Medical University bring the best passing results in the NEXT/FMGE examination.

85. Is Rostov State Medical University recognized and approved by NMC (National Medical Commission) and WHO?

Yes, RostSMU is duly recognized by NMC, WHO, and other prestigious institutions and organizations around the world.

86. Why RREC is highly trusted by parents/students?

We are the official representative for Rostov State Medical University, follow 100% transparency, are affordable, and offer complete handholding.

87. What would be the last date of submitting tuition fees every year at would RostSMU?

The last date of submitting the tuition fee is the 15th of September every year.

88. Does ragging occur on the Rostov State Medical University campus?

No, there is no ragging allowed in the Rostov State Medical University. It is strictly prohibited.